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update on husband


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My husband was dianosed with stage IV adeno lung cancer with met to left hip. He had his first chemo - Taxol/Carbo. He did pretty well. Had alot of pain but things were going well until yesterday. he started having pain in his neck. I took him to the local doctor and he put him in the hosp. with a blood clot. Apparently this can be a side affect of chemo. Has anyone ever had this problem? They are trying to thim his blood and they they will disolve the clot. He is suppose to have his next chemo next thursday.


Sorry I missed the chat - I was looking forward to that

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Yes Cheryl. Blood clots are very common in cancer patients. As you mentioned, there are many treatments available though. With my mom, we found that coumadin levels were very hard to get right, but once she went to Lovenox shots (in the tummy), levels were fine and there was a lot less stress around clots. Unfortunately, Lovenox is very expensive and Drs and insurance usually always want to try coumadin first. I have some Lovenox if that is what he is on, PM me. Also watch for any pain or swelling in his extremities in the future as this can be a sign he has a blood clot.

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