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Update on Mom


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Well, my mom finished her 6th round of chemo three weeks ago. Her mass has responded really well to her treatment (taxol,carboplatin,avastin) and has shrunk 77% of its originial size. Her three lymph nodes have also shrunk.

They ordered another CT scan to see if there was any more improvement. The doc says that after the 6th round there is usually minimal improvements. When mom went in yesterday this was the case. Only minimal improvements. But I keep telling her, minimal or no improvement is better than getting worse.

Anyway, we were kind of bummed. We know this was coming, but it's still hard to hear. They still want her to have two more rounds of chemo because she is taking it so well. When the hooked her up, her platelet count was too low (81) and so they would not administer the chemo. Mom was very upset, felt like she was loosing ground. This happens though right!?! She's on her 7th round and hasnt had any trouble til now. And 81 isnt really bad, they just don't want the carbo to make it tank any more.

THe only other troubling thing we heard was about her back. When mom was diagnosed, they said from the PET scan that there was either a second mass or fluid on the inside or outside of her right lung. They were having a hard time figuring out where it was. Her second opinion couldnt tell either, but said there wasnt much there. After her 2nd and 4th round she had CT scans and her doc said he was confident that whatever was there was gone.

NOw on Friday he says, well, it never showed up on the CT scan so we wont know until we do another PET. This is so frustrating. Why would he say confident, and then say there's no way of knowing? I dont go in to the office with my mom so I can't ask the doc, but I"m really confused and upset.

I know she's doing well, and I knew this wouldnt be easy, but sometimes I just wear down. Plus it's very upseting with the holidays coming up. Was it hard on all of you for the first holiday season? I feel like this is the last holiday I'm going to have with her and I am having a hard time dealing with it.

THanks for listening!

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Yes, minimal improvement or no change is a good thing with LC. Chemo does tend to attack the blood as well since it is fast growing too, so it is common to be low on counts. That is why they check it before each chemo. Holidays can be bummers -- we spent the first LC Christmas in ICU. The next three were not so bad. This year, we will not have her with us, only in spirit, and that will be hard. Keep us posted. Don

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Hi Bam-

I am sorry to hear about what you and your family are going through right now. I think the doctors sometimes don't want to get 'to optimistic' although I have a hard time understanding that since positive mental input is very helpful in this fight...

I think 77% shrinkage is awesome really! I know that this is a roller coaster and it is easier some days to be strong than on others. Remember to take care of yourself too!

My mom was diagnosed in March many years ago and that first Xmas I thought would be the last...i just sortof learned that you have to take each day as the gift that it is, hope for the best and not worry yourself silly everytime you leave her or every holiday/birthday thinking this will be the 'last one' that you have together. I did that for a while and it will make you crazy FAST!

Easier said than done I know..I am praying for you guys and send you bright blessings!


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Hi Bam,

That is good news about your mom. As you read Melissa's post right before mine, read the profile, you will see what she is talking about. Her mom as been C free for 8 years!!!

Keep a positive attitude that you could have your mom for a long time yet. Everyday is a blessing, try to focus on that and not the "this may be the last"

When Joel was first diagnoised and had his operation is was Xmas time. Our tradition is all of us, me, Joel and our 2 children go to a nice dinner on Xmas eve together. This is his pleasure and enjoys that more than Xmas day at my sisters with the rest of the family. So we ordered food from a nice restaurant and had dinner here. It was so nice.

This Xmas is going to be a tough one as he is getting his chemo on the 19th and we just hope he will be okay for the holidays. But that is a tough call since chemo hits him about 4 days after and lasts about 3 to 4 days, so we might just be spending it here. We just don't know.

But as far as your mom, enjoy the holidays, and make special memories and know like Melissa's mom and so many more on here, she may be with you for many more holidays.

Maryanne :wink:

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