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I am not the most active person on this board. But I have to tell you all how much you have helped me. Thru Mom's diagnosis and passing. All of it. When she was first diagnosed I, As we all do started searching the web for anything about Lung Cancer. Lucky for me one of the first sights I stumbled upon was this one. I don't know how I would have managed the past year plus, without all of you. You have offered comfort and encouragement. You understand how people are feeling at every stage of the game and you offer knowledge and experience. What a blessing!

As I reflect back on the past 15 or so months I think about all of you and I think of those who are no longer with us and it makes me sad. I never even knew these people yet I miss them and think of them often. Lucy Wood, Leslie221, TAnn and I know there are others I am missing, but I include them in my thoughts and prayers.

I pray that they are in a wonderful place where this hiddeious disease doesn't exist and there is no pain. I pray that they know we still miss them and that we are thankful that we had a chance to know them even if it was only through a keyboard and screen.

I don't know if this makes any sense but I just wanted to remember all that have left us, and all that are still here and to say "Thank You".


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Kathleen, This is an incredible place isn't it? I found it to be my shelter and the only place where I could go to get information from those who have lived it. My Dad has been gone almost 2 years and I still visit here all the time... these people are like family and I am honored to have them in my life. Love, Sharon

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