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Bill's Quit smoking challange ( to Kim and others..)


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This is posted under Bill's Blamegame post in General

"bware21"]Hey Kim,

I've decided that I would like to quit smoking. Not because I think by doing so will cure me of anything, but when I do beat this cancer thing I think it will give me a much better shot at keeping it at bay. So tomorrow I'm going to start my own little regimen. I know for a fact that nicotine patches and all of the other aids won't do me any good whatsoever -- been there, done that. The only way I will ever quit smoking will be by employing my own free will. From tomorrow morning and for the following week I will limit my smoking to one cigarette every hour from 9:00AM -- can't smoke before that -- which should cut my habit down to about 12 cigarettes a day for the first week (I normally smoke 20). The subsequent Saturdays I will increase the no-smoking period to 90 minutes, 2 hours, 150 minutes, 3 hours, 210 minutes, 4 hours ... until I'm down to nothing. I think that's a reasonable plan and I hope I can find the strength to achieve it. CARE TO JOIN ME? But if you do you must be willing to be honest about your progress (or lack of it). And if anyone else wants to join me, the more the merrier. For me, I just think it's time to take some action :D


I am putting this under a separate post as it may get lost in Bill's older post.

This excites me... Kim or anyone are you up for Bill's challange?

I am pushing for you Bill and anyone who wants to join him. What a great gift for yourself for the holidays!!

We will help you. Like our own little AA meeting..

Anyone out there willing to join Bill. I am not a smoker but I certaily can lend support!

I hope we get some takers here. Also very important especially to you Kim and anyone who wants to do this, no one is going to think you a loser if you do not succeed, not here. No Way! But I pray that you try. Make it a project for yourself. You don't have to tell your family. Do it for yourself. You deserve it. When the time comes that you beat this cigarette demon, you will feel reborn. You certainly will have more money in your pocket. Take that cigarette money and put it aside and reward yourself with a vacation somewhere.

Any takers here? Or if you don't want us to know you are smoking you can just PM Bill and do it with him. Whatever, I just want you people out there to try Bill's challenge.

Bill, I am so excited for you. Keep us posted on your progress.


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Just bumping this up.

Kims response to Bill's challange


I honestly think I am at the point that I could give this a valid try. I have always done better at things when I had to be accountable for my actions. I think your plan sounds right up my alley. I have thought many times in recent weeks to just throw em out the window. My mom said that worked beautifully when I was a child and my parents tossed my bottle and pacifier out the window going down the road. Actually I think the story went, the bottle was thrown out the window, but the pacifer went down the toilet. But in my little mind I knew they were gone. I think my mind is a bit smarter these days and just dont think tossing them out the window will ensure my success. I have contemplated the patch, and still think that may be of help to me, as I want all the help I can get. Most of all though I do believe my mind is ready for this challenge, the time as come.

I have just reread your post to get a better idea of your game plan, and realize you have already begun this challenge and will be starting day 2 today. I will begin on Monday (tomorrow). I think your plan sounds like an excellent idea as I did not see the words "Cold Turkey" mentioned. ALthough for myself I know that to not have my first smoke of the day until 9am would cause me to fail the first day. My days begin very early, 330am usually. And the fact that I am starting a new job on Tuesday which entails me working from home and on the computer for the first 4-5 hrs of my day, I am going to revise the times to fit my schedule better and to again give me a better chance at success.

I would love to see more join in, after all the more the merrier. Maybe we should start a new thread for us to post and for others to watch our sucess.

Back to the smoking issue...Anyone else ready to give it a go?

Another suggestion from Judy:

"Judy-OK"]I had to laugh at Kim's post. I did not quit upon diagnosis but the day the pulmonologist told me he did not advise surgery because the loss of lung function to be dibiliating I did exactly what Kim was mentioning. As I drove down the expressway about every 5 miles I would toss a cigarette out the window. The time I smoked the most was early morning so I knew to be successful I would have to quit in the evening. I kept enough smokes to last me until 6:30 that evening and have now been smoke free ... cold turkey ... for almost 7 months. All the cutting back, patches, pills, hypnosis, etc. etc. did nothing to help me quit.

You all might want to consider having a scheduled CHAT time for those that are trying to kick the habit. The support and fellow suffering can be more helpful than you can imagine. Good luck and I will be happy to join in on a chat like that. :lol:

This is so exciting I hope others join in. I think a chat would be good or at least a PM to Bill. Or a separate post so you can put down your progress. What do you think?

Maryanne :wink:

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