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  1. Hi, sorry you need to be here, but you are in the right place for answers, and if no one here can give them to you there is a site called www.onctalk.com that has lots of info on lung cancer and a wonderful doctor who will try and answer your questions. Hope this helps. I have had 2 biopsies and the first was not a problem, the second was so different, lots of pain for a few days which makes us worry even more. Hope mom gets to feeling better soon she is so very lucky to have you. Barb
  2. God Bless you all, as I read all the replies the tears run. I feel I may have stayed away too long, not reading and keeping up with all of you. Once again you have shown me I am not alone in my fears and that really means alot. I will make a point to visit everyday. Again thank you VERY much. You all have already helped me feel not so alone. I Love you all. Barb
  3. Sorry, I have not posted lately, been very depressed, partly the cancer and partly this dreary winter weather. Last scan show stable, liver, spleen, adrenal all clear. But dominate 2 cm nodule showing up in the para tracheal region with minimal calcification which the onc. doc said may mean scar tissue after radiation. The calcification is what they like to see. I am so tired of worrying with this disease, does it ever get any easier ? For almost 4 years I have lived my life 3 months at a time like most of you and am feeling what will be will be. Is that denial or acceptance or just plan givin
  4. Pup, I too worked thru chemo and radiation, after completing it I was hospitalized for double pneumonia caused by the radiation. It was that week in the hospital I decided I no longer wanted to give all my time and energy to a job, and go home and go to bed just to make it in the next day. I wasn't spending anytime with my family, just sleeping so I could have enough strength to go in the next day. So when I left the hospital I went directly to my work and gave no notice, just told the doctor I worked for that priorities had changed and I was quitting. It has been hard I too had no STD or LTD
  5. Sally, glad things are a bit better, I too had no gifts under the tree, first time in 25 years, no money, church has been providing us with food baskets every now an then, my car was repo'd the beginning of Dec. I finally started receiving my SSD check in Dec hopefully things will get better. I know how depressing it can be, but to say he least this Christmas was the best I have ever had. Kids came in with their spouse and boyfriends we played cards all day and laughed and had a wonderful family meal. Who would have guessed the material things of Christmas meant nothing, I truly found the spir
  6. Max, congrats to you, I too had a similar experience with my recurrence, after a week I took charge, was told by my family doctor that he felt things were moving along, I responded by saying, they are now because I had to stay on the girl that was suppose to schedule me with the onc. to start chemo and radiation. I didn't want that tumor to grow any more, if they were only in our shoes they would understand.
  7. Everything changed, my outlook on life, my priorities, my love of my everyone in my family, making amends with myself. I too have been on disability for 6 months now and have enjoyed every bit of it, I have gotten back into crafts and sewing, just recovered the living room suite did it all at my own pace, I don't always feel good everyday but at the end of the day I am thankful to still have what I have. Great subject.
  8. Thanks for all the replies, you all have eased my mind. And thanks to you Connie, awaiting your own surgery and you still have time to help me out. That is what this site is about. Bless us all..
  9. I was wondering if anyone that has had chest radiation could tell me if the coughing ever stops ? It is getting better but I just feel I will always have it from the radiation. Lots of phelm, mucinex and water and going to the bathroom from the water is all I seem to get done. Also anyone on Advair inhaler, been using it over a month now and was wondering if it caused your voice to be hoarse ? I never had any coughing until after radiation now I stay with a lung infection all the time. I guess maybe its a good trade off but it is very annoying, going around spitting up all the time. Thanks
  10. Bruce, I too think it is panic attacks, look at all you have had to deal with in 4 1/2 years, sometimes things just come to a head. Heck I lose things all the time since chemo, I could get up right now to go get or do something and get to the kitchen and forget what the he... I got up for, start to go back and sit down and remember what it was. Yes I spend most of my day walking from room to room HA HA. Stress and anxiety can make us feel out of the norm. but do mention it to your doctor, I have and was told it was chemo brain.
  11. Connie, may the Lord guide the surgeons hands and be with you during this hurdle, I need you back here, everyone does. Prayers that all will go smoothly and you recover quickly.
  12. Welcome Frank, the radiologist reports can be very hard to interpret, I agree that Dr. West at onctalk would be the place to start. Good Luck
  13. Welcome Jackie glad your daughter talked you into visiting with us, it's like Lay's potato chips once you come here you keep coming back..
  14. Welcome Nick, keep us updated, if surgery is an option that is a good thing.
  15. Welcome Maggie and Ben, prayers your way....
  16. Wow, sounds like you have your hands full, hopefully the blood work will be okay, if not maybe that will help him understand that he needs to be checked out. GOD BLESS
  17. Welcome Bruce, I have no info for you but you have received some excellent links to other web sites that will help you with you question.
  18. Cy, welcome to our family, congrats on the new baby. I pray that something will work for you and you have many many years with that child. PRAYERS
  19. Welcome Richard, find good doctors and get that treatment plan going. Best of Luck.
  20. Corrin, I was one of those who had surgery in 2004 upper right lobe removed where the surgeon said I GOT IT ALL, no futher treatment, I never made it 3 years until the beast reappeared. So get all the info you can for mom and keep my story and others in mind cancer cells can be so so small and undetectable at the time of surgery and that cancer did not appear overnite just think about what may be loose in the body waiting to find a place to land again. GOD BLESS
  21. Brian, glad you chose to write on this subject. I did smoke and blame my cancer on that, but I also wonder about when I grew up we heated with coal and I can remember the black suet and wonder if that may have contributed to my lc also. I was raised in proverty and some of the places we lived growing up had roaches and I can remember my parents using all the chemicals to control them and often wonder if that too played a part in my lc. I can still remember the fumes from that coal and chemicals. Who knows. But just to let you know it really bothers me when people ask if I smoked, first off I s
  22. Welcome and do keep us informed on what type of treatment plan the onc. offers. Keep that attitude.
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