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update on dad again


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Hello again friends,

My dad had his evaluative scan on Monday (Dec. 4), after 2 months of no treatment. And the results.... STABLE! So very glad, relieved and grateful to hear this. We can celebrate Christmas with a least some peace of mind. :)

He was supposed to start a new oral chemo regimen, but he does not qualify for it now, because the trial is for patients with tumor progression. Onc said they will scan again in March 2007. Somehow I don't find it okay that the doctor will let 3 months pass without any treatment. :shock: Can anyone share their similar experience?

We still have bad news, though. His blood sugar levels went up, and is now considered diabetic. So this means new meds and blood sugar will be regularly monitored.

With this I end my update. Wishing everyone a lovely, memorable December. Much love.



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I know it's scary to go that extra month without a scan, but he HAS been stable for a while, according to your profile. So I imagine his docis confident this is the best course of action for him. However, be on the lookout for signs of disease returning. If you notice anything amiss, call the onc right away, as they might then want to re-evaluate things.

Tell him to enjoy the chemo holiday!

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Glad to hear the word stable!

I know what you mean about waiting 3 mos without treatment to recheck. It's a bear to wait that long, but try and have fun with the holidays and all. As long as your Dad seems to be stable, not much can really happen that can't be undone at the end of the three months. He needs the chemo break, so might as well enjoy it!

Take care,


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