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More than one reason to say hello


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I wanted to stop by and say hello and wish all of you the best Christmas possible. My vacation is going well but of coarse things are quite different than they were just a few years ago.

All of my kids are still working and the grandkids are in school until Wednesday. After that most of them will have more free time and I will spend as much with each of them as possible. They are all still grieving very deeply for their dad who passed last February. I try to help them and have my own feelings to deal with over him as well as just facing the 4 year aniversary of my Johnny's death. None of it is easy but who ever promised it would be.

In just 4 more days I will become a greatgradmother for the first time. My granddaughter will be induced so here husband can be here. He will stay until the day after Christmas then he has to go back to base. She will stay here for a short time to make sure it is safe for her and the baby to travel then join him. My son and daughter in law are having a hard time facing that. I know how they feel and understand my granddaughter as well. After all who has ever been torn between people and places they love more than me?

Now comes something that caught me off guard. It seems I just can't escape the monster. Wednesday I went to have my hair done. My hairdresser and I have been friends for nearly 25 years so I always look her up for a good cut while I'm here. No one can do my hair as well as she can. While talking to her about Johnny I was surprised to hear how much she knows about chemo and such. That is when she told me that her husband has stage 4 LC.

I gave her the address of this board and really hope she will join. I know how important the support she will get here is. It may take her a while but I'm thinking that she will come here. Her name is Vickie and know you will all welcome her with open arms. I think to make it easier for her I will just email her the web address so she can read a little and see what we are all about.

Again I wish each and every one of you a peaceful and blessed Christmas. Love to you all. Lillian

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So sorry to hear that yet another friend has been disgnosed with this terrible disease. Please encourage your friend to join us, as we both know what a life saver this board can be for caregivers and spouses! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

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