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We got a call a couple of days ago. A wonderful woman who worked with the kids' school for years, and was Chris's teacher's assistant last year, had lost her battle with cancer. The call came from the music teacher, who wanted to know if my kids would sing at the funeral Mass. This beautiful woman had requested that the school children be the choir.

My kids agreed to do it. Chris knows that she "had cancer and lost her hair, and we prayed for a her a lot." Both kids are so worried about Mom right now, who is in the hospital. Taylor is very affected right now--being older, she knows more. Mom is also a permanent volunteer at the school (her onc's kids attend there as well), and at the choir rehearsal yesterday many moms asked about my mom and added their prayers for her.

I guess I'm just amazed that the kids are able to do this. We talked about the fact that their singing is a gift from God, and a gift they can give this tremendous woman. I wonder how I will make it through the service, (when they rehearsed "Love Grows Here" I almost lost it) but they seem very strong. They understand the community of church, and helping others.

I don't even know if this post really belongs here--I feel like I'm rambling. All funerals are sad, I just hate that this carries extra weight for my kids. And yet they are able to do it. Kids are cool.

:) Kelly

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