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new year

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well ive made it through christmas but for some reason today has been a bad day. i had to work all day and i heard " happy new year" all day. For some reason things are hitting me hard today.. We had a family meeting yesterday( my 2 sisters, my dad and myself) and worked out some plans so that we are all responsible for 1 or 2 days to be with mom so we dont all get burnt out. My dad is on the verge of tears with every sentence and it hurts so much to see him hurt. i want to make things as easy as possible for him. My sister thinks that if mom is ready to give up the fight then we should accept that and deal with it but i think she is just tired and im not willing to give up the fight so i wont let her give up so easy. Mom is just losing weight and we cant get her to eat more than a bite or two at a time and i think if we can get nutrition into her then she will be stonger(mind and body) so im going to talk to the doctor about a feeding tube. I think that if she is getting 5-600 calories a day we are lucky so its no wonder she has no strength. They have put her on Megace but that doesnt seem to help much. Anyway i hope you all are having a good year so far and im sorry to be such a whine bag

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Yes, I had the same feeling about "Happy New Year". I thought, "Yeh, maybe for you, but for me, I'm not so sure". I just HNY'd them back and went on.

Your mom needs to eat. Try small snacks two or three hours at a time. It may seem more doable for her, you'll get the calories down, and she will be less nauseated. Patients are notorious for not being hungry and nothing tasting right. You can't accept those excuses, and just keep encouraging her. Don

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