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Benny Parsons update for fans


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NASCAR Champ Benny Parsons Stabilized, Condition Still Critical

By Mike Baron

Jan 10, 2007

TV analyst and 1973 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup champion Benny Parsons, was diagnosed with cancer in his left lung in July. Benny Parsons remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Carolinas Medical Center, but his condition, listed as critical, has stabilized. He continues to fight complications brought on by treatments for lung cancer.

Parsons has been in the ICU since Dec. 26. In October, Benny announced that his cancer was in full remission. He was even given a new contract, but his health began to decline and he was unable to attend the Nextel Cup Awards Ceremony in early December, and was re-admitted to the hospital after Christmas.

Parsons has reportedly lost the use of his left lung in his battle with cancer. Parsons' right lung is healthy, however, and doctors are optimistic his body will adjust to having just one healthy lung.

Parsons has had chemotherapy and radiation on a tumor that forced him to miss several races for TNT and NBC during the 2006 season.

Ricky Rudd says it best when he states: '"Hopefully he is gonna rebound from this thing ... It looks like he's got the cancer whipped, but I guess he's got some injuries due to the nature of the aggressiveness that I guess they treated him with. Benny is a class-act guy. He's been around a long time. He's won races. He's won a championship. He's well-respected in the garage for sure. ... I'm not gonna say too much more because I don't want to think about the negative. I think Benny is gonna be back because he's a tough guy."

Parsons is not allowed visitors at this time, but fans and associates can continue to send him messages at bp@goprn.com.

Get better Benny!

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