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Is It My Imagination: The Volume of LC Research Increasing?


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Got to say that I was pleased to see the sheer numbers of LC-specific research going on while I was doing some research for a fellow member here today: both SCLC and NSCLC...around 2,000 clinical trials for both together (some include other cancers in their accepted participants), plus other reports from studies closed over the last couple of years....I just don't remember falling into so many a year ago when I was thick into my own research for my mom. Is this my imagination or first impression at play, or are we really beginning to make some progress here?

I hope folks like KatieB will say this is so! I surely don't know what we'd do without the pioneering efforts of Lungevity Foundation and others, including us, who are in the thick of seeing that something like this would be so.

Looking forward to feedback,


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I can find nothing to either confirm or deny this theory :shock: Womens survival rates are increasing though according to news reports and info gathered :) hope this helps somewhat 8)

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I was at the U.S. Dept of Health and one other site (drat, the title escapes me since this am...it's a really common one too....I used to have it bookmarked....drat my recent computer crash and I didn't bookmark it today!!!!!) looking for clinical trials.....I found a bunch of Phase I/II clinical trials for LC-specific research, some had enrollments open to other types of cancers.....NSCLC had about 1,300 trial hits and SCLC had just over 600 or so.....some of the drugs in study I had never heard of before too.

When I find it again (I'm going to be trying to do more research for our fellow member this week coming), I'll mark it so I can report better -- I know you are on top of this sort of thing a lot so you might find it useful at least.

Edit: I think it was the National Cancer Institute.


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