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Removing the timeline/profile from posts


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Hello Fellow LCSC members

I made mention to Nick about omitting the profile/time line info from posts. To do so, simply un~check the attach signature box found above the submit button at the bottom of the text box when you post.

I hope this helps.

My best to you all.


In clarifying this further, there are times that a person may wish to not include the timeline information when posting. The information I have given here makes it possible to omit the information from one post, not all. You must uncheck the attach signature box each time you wish to omit the information.

I hope I have made this a bit clearer now.


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Hey Christine,

Thanks again for the info. My guess, most of us are here researching treatment options. Profiles really help with this process. If we were burying our heads in the sand, we wouldn't even be visiting this site.

I find the profiles very helpful. :D Thank you so much for your advocacy help!

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I thank you for that info.... sometimes I feel almost like my Dads time line is really of no use anymore because he has been gone for two years already and really, with the advancement in cancer treatments, what once was prevalant to him, is now almost "ancient history". Thanks again, Love, Sharon

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From my point of view I wanted to let you know that I also find the time lines very helpful. From the start I have copy and pasted onto plain paper any that are similar to my husbands situation - which incidently has changed recently to be a not so common diagnosis - and I have compared those timelines and what seems to work and not work for people in comparison to my husbands degree of cancer and treatment - make sense? So even though they may not be of use to some they definitely are to others. I find it unfortunate actually that when a time line is changed that it changes it back to the members 1st post. There are members who were caregiving family who have passed on and original diagnosis, treatments etc get modified after that. It would be nice if the original timeline at time of post stayed on the old posts and later posts showed the changes. We are here on this message board because we are facing reality and as a caregiver for my husband I am living it 24/7 anyways - so the more information - whether sad or not - I can absorb the better.


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[sheri] This is a good tip but what situation would warrant the elimination of a profile?

The only time I've unchecked the "attach signature" box for an individual message is when I've posted multiple times in a particular thread -- saves the reader excessive scrolling since my profile fills the screen. The redundant profiles can be deleted retroactively, months after the messages were posted. Aloha,


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