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I have social worker a paper from VA about disabilty forms. She said she would get papers from Dr. Well I don't t can'tthink she did anything. That was on Monday and nurse came today and said about paper's to me. She said John seems good but can't walk. So on Monday she and social worker wil do anything come and see about test for John!!!! Now the dr's have the test and from day one they said this wasn't good. Why are they dragging there feet! I need help here. Well if I had the one form that Ia'm waiting for I would not wait for them. I don't care if they like it or not. And Monday they don't anything.Im going my self and not leaving Dr office till I get want I want! Just tried of the polictes and BS. And will report this Social worker in the end. John want to sit up on Monday they were leaving ,the phone ring(driver) John called and SHE said I will see what he wants. She came out and said he wanted to sit up. and this other aid was there the Minster was out the door. I was doing to say and get the Minster but Social Worker said WE DON"T DO THAT. I was speachless. Did I hear right! Is It Me?

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I's the Social Worker that is giving problems. She is suppose to help with forms and sending them. She isn't doing it. The one nurse got after her today. Will see what gets done now. How long would it take to get records? And Hospice could let the VA know. This is very draining. You feel like you are fighting with everyone. And today John is getting restless. He told me if things don't change he is out of here! And wouldn't take pills and threw one. I know this is really hard for John. I may have done the same. I pray for a merical!

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. I found it to be the same way in the journey as a caregiver....you have to hand-hold and see to it that everything gets done properly, no matter who out there is supposed to be doing it for you in their professional responsibility role (that included folks who said they would help too in my journey). It's real eye-opening, disheartening thing to deal with, but it must be done. In my experience, no one but you will end up making sure that everything is in order.

I wish I had better news on that front, perhaps others will.....I had to follow-through on all details behind every professional out there....very, very hard and caused lots of tears along the way.

Keep us posted. You hang in there and do what you must, but just know that we are all here supporting you as best we can from a computer screen.


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