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Mom's service was today


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It was beautiful. She had a full house!! Lots of flowers were there, too, which was lovely for the show of support and also because she loves flowers. She looked so pretty (as usual). One of my best friends sang "His eye is on the sparrow". I wrote a little speech for mom and somehow managed to make it through without collapsing on the floor.

I'm not Jewish but I've been reading a lot about sitting Shiva. I've been thinking of trying an abbreviated version of it (I hope I don't offend anyone here). I'm very interested in all types of religions and as I'm mourning the Jewish tradition seems to make so much sense to me.

My professors have been really good, too, about what is going on and have offered assistance in any way that they can so I can continue with school. I've gotta keep making mommy proud!!!

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So happy to hear that things were beautiful for her and all of you!!

I love that song too! He is watching you and holding you so tightly.

I think that sitting Shiva would be very God-ordained. Many times in the Old and New Testaments He called people to radically alter their lifestyles for short periods of time. Jesus Himself went away from all the Apostles, other followers and left His daily routine to spend time with the Father before the crucifixion. I think you will be found to be very, very close to Him while you are sitting Shiva.

You have given me something to think about.



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