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I had an interesting dream the other night. I was in a museum, a voodoo museum! I know, I know, but I was looking at this display and it was of a very powerful voodoo lady's ashes. I told the person I was with that that was some really bad stuff. I looked over at a chaise lounge against the opposite wall and this lady was laying there and she tried to grab me. She looked very evil, and mean. I was the only one who saw her, I kept seeing her, so I grabbed the ashes and ran to a church and put the ashes into the hands of a statue of Jesus. I told the Lord to take this away, make it all good. (here's the kicker) The statue looked at me and gave me a nod. I felt such peace. Then from those ashes an angel flew from his hands and I woke up.

I don't know if this is inspirational, but I have had a lot of negative things going on lately and I think God was telling me to put my worries in his hands. And I will.

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What an amazing dream, Kim. I think you're right on with your thoughts about the meaning of the dream. Since Dennis died, I have had some really strange dreams. When I sit down and really think about what I dreamed, they usually have some special meaning.

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