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Tarceva and a Cyst


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This may be a strange question. I am on Tarceva. I have had a cyst on my back for 20 years.

Yesterday it decided to become infected - it's under the skin, but very red and painful.

I am waiting to hear from my doctor. Has anyone had a problem like this? My doctor has in the past seemed reluctant to give me antibiotics, if the problem could be resolved in another manner. Is there some reason for this? I don't want to be taken off the Tarceva.

Just interested in what others experience may have been.


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The cyst I had has been with me long before the cancer. ait simply seems to have become inflamed. I saw the doctor today and he prescribed an antibiotic. Said it was inflamed with a possible infection in the tissue. Not known what caused the change.

I has radiation for the spine pain that I had a while ago and it worked great. I do take 30mg of morphine sulfate twice daily and 200mg of celebrex twice daily. Both were prescribed when I was first diagnosed. I haven't need to increase the dosage and was told not to worry about decreasing. I also have some quick acting morphine sulfate should I have "break through" pain. I have used these very rarely.


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