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I finished my chemo 1/24/04 and ever since my appetite has changed. I used to have a great appetite and now I don't care if I eat I have to remember to eat. Has anyone else experienced this? I've talked to Dr.'s and no one seems to know. My health is fine.

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Hi Mare,

Great to see you, but sorry that you are having some concerns. I have NO problem with eating. Since I finished all tx, I have gained over 20 poounds. I am trying my darnedest (is that a word) to just maintain and not gain any more. Have you lost weight.......or are you maintaing. If you hare losing that should be of concern big time. I have no idea other than perhaps something in the chemo has changed your tastebuds. Guess it does not make eating a very pleasurable experience, BUT if it isn't interfering with health that is good.

BTW........still have that new job that is probably 'old' by now. Would love to hear all about it!



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I also gained about 20 lbs. My appetite has increased tremendously since I finished treatment. I don't know if my taste buds changed because of the chemo or because I quit smoking, but food is definitely more enjoyable these days.

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