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Brain Radiation


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Hello all,

Just wanted to let everyone know what a great site this is. I've received so many positive feedbacks, which makes this long road a little easier to deal with.

I have a question regarding brain radiation. My dad is going in on Tuesday for his first treatment. Just want to hear from someone who has gone through this and how their results were. Also, once he starts his radiation, how long will it take for him to start noticing a difference in the way he feels? I know it varies for everyone, but I was just curious.

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Mum had WBR for about 8 brain mets. She handled the actual treatments very well, with fatigue the major symptom, and that didn't start until some weeks after the treatment was finished.

Mum went into a significant decline, physically and mentally, about 5 months after completing the WBR, but we are not sure what the real cause of this was. She had a head CT about 5 months after treatment, which showed continued shrinkage of her tumours. She hadn't been having any effective chemo for the previous six months, so her decline may well have been part of the disease process and toxic overload from her other tumours.

I know how scary this is - but there are many people who have done well with WBR - I hope your Dad is one of them.

All the best,


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