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navelbine schedule


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Our doctor put my father on Navelbine (plus Avastin). He scheduled it 2 weeks on, one weeks off.

All I could find on the internet is the weekly schedule (for single-agent Navelbine). Have any of you seen that kind of scheduling ? I am a bit worried that it may be not as strong as the weekly one.

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I can see you are concerned. Is there any way to ask your Dad's doctor why he chose this schedule? It would put your mind at ease. Maybe it relates to the addition of Avastin. I remember my friend being on a different schedule than others with the same treatment and we were also concerned, but it was none of our business. This is your business. I agree with Rich though, there is a reason why and don't think that it won't work because the Doc tweaked the schedule a bit. Good luck to you and your Dad! :D


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Actually, two weeks on and one week off is one of the very typical and appropriate schedules for navelbine in lung cancer. Whether it's weekly for 2 of 3 weeks, 3 of 4 weeks, or without a break also depends on the actual dose given on the days of treatment. But there are very well described and standard regimens of navelbine on days 1 and 8 of a 21-day schedule. In addition, there is a very real potential that combining chemo with avastin could lead to an increase in the side effects like decreased blood counts compared to the same chemo alone.

I hope that helps.

-Dr. West

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