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Mother's milk


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Has anyone ever heard of this?

Fucoidan- a type of brown seaweed that has cancer fighting properties.

Also called mother's milk because it has the same healing qualities has mother's breast milk.

I know two people who are taking this but haven't heard any results.

Ay clinical trials going on that you know of?

Thanks in advance!!

God Bless!!


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Interesting post. I don't know anything about this, but I do know that when I breastfed my babies, I was a milk machine....with over 1000 ounces in my freezer...plus enough for every day and the ability to freeze more. At the time there were rumours that adults were buying it for health reasons at $4 an ounce. (I should have thought of that college savings plan for my kids!!)

Can't wait to read more about this.


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Any clinical trials going on that you know of?

Hi Jamie,

It may be too early in the game for any clinical trials. But if you go over to scholar.google.com and type in the keyword 'fucoidan' you'll get plenty of links to explore -- I got about 2660 of 'em.

Hope that helps...


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