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Resident loses battle with cancer


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By Scott De Laruelle

The struggle is over for Dave Grant, but thanks in part to the late lung cancer advocate, the fight for millions of Americans who have and will contract the disease is going stronger than ever.

Grant, who passed away Wednesday at age 63 after a long battle with lung cancer, inspired others around the country.

Grant was given a life expectancy of six months when he was diagnosed with cancer more than four years ago — instead, he became a long-living stage four lung cancer survivors.

Last year he was the center of attention at the Lung Cancer Advocacy Conference, where he met Senators Hillary Clinton, D-New York and Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., getting a big hug from a beaming Clinton in the process.

Bill Jones, diagnosed with lung cancer in 2000, spoke a few weeks ago about Grant as his friend's health was deteriorating. He credited Grant for helping raise awareness about the disease, both locally and nationally.

Grant founded the Memorial Lung Cancer Golf Outing, held annually at the Baraboo Country Club, and was a fixture at the events when health permitted.

"I heard about him when he organized the Baraboo golf tournament," Jones said. "What's amazing about him is he went through so many clinical trials, testing new drugs and new sources of treatment.

"He's continually supported these people on the Internet who have had similar experiences. He's been a source of encouragement to them all along, and these are all people who are terminal, and to give them courage to fight and to struggle on… he just wasn't about to give up," he said.

In his final interview with the Baraboo News Republic last year, Grant said lung cancer survivors like himself will never give in to the disease, and will keep fighting until there is a cure.

"We're going to bring this under control," he said.

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