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Is mom disengaging?


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Hi. I am new to posting but have been an avid reader. My mom has been fighting for the past year and although she says she feels good (praise God for that), the cancer has been advancing. After three diffferent treatment plans (the last was Tarceva) she is now trying to enter a study. Up until this point, she has been pretty open with sharing information from the doctors and bringing people with her to appointments. But now she is brushing off questions and it is hard to get information from her. She says it is because she doesn't want to think about it but I am wondering if there is more to it? She has been so amazingly positive and upbeat during this past year and still is, but I am sensing a slight change. Any advice on how hard I should push her for information or insist on going with her to appointments? I want to be sensitive to her wishes but also want to be there for her when she needs me to lift her up and she is the type who won't ask for help. Thanks everyone.

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