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Question for Norme

David A

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Hi Norme, I remember that you said you work for Social security, mind if I as you a question. I called my case worker at the state level concerning my ssdi claim she told me that I met all the criteria to recieve ssdi, but that my case was sent to Chicago for ajudication. Is this the standard procedure? And do you know what she meant by ajudication?

Hope all is well with you and Buddy.

Thanks for your time. David A

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I retired 7 yrs ago.

Ajudication would mean to process the claim. What office did you file in? Call them and they should be able to tell you more. I assume you filed in Detroit and not sure why they would have sent work to Chicago but they sometimes do things like that. Your local office should be able to tell you. If you don't have their phone number call the 800-772-1213 toll free number and ask for the telephone number of your local office. did the state worker say when it was sent...if just in the last day or two wait for about 3 more days before calling.

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