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It' s been awhile sense I visited here. I came on a couple of nights ago and got some very sad surprises. I didn't know about Ray A or Dave G. and certainly not about Frank Lamb. It was quite a shock to learn that they had all passed. I remember them all very well. I still laugh sometimes thinking about David A. and Dave G. going back and forth about the rat, dog controversy. As for Frank I guess I just expected him to always be here.

I know I have been neglecting the site but a lot has been going on. I'm only working part time but I have a lot of hobbies I have been working on and I also started researching my family tree again. In the process I have found a lot of family that I never knew before. Not only have I become very close to the cousin I found last year but I have talked to two more first cousins that I didn't even know about and a second cousin. I have also been in touch with an uncle I never knew. He is my Dad's half brother. All of that is just so wonderful but it takes a lot of time so I have stayed away from here. I'm so sorry that I am not here to support everyone but I just have to chose and I needed to distance myself for awhile and get interested in other things. As much as I have come to love all of you I stilll tend to get a little depressed when I come here too often. Just a lot of painfull reminders.

I've also developed a few health problems that I didn't have before. As all of you know I quit smoking almost 11 months ago. I'm very proud of that but I gained 40 pounds in about 4 months. I wasn't small to start with. The extra weight and my attempts to lose it seem to have led to another problem. I developed very high blood pressure. That really scared me but I am seeing a doctor and we are working to get it under control. I am on medication(me who hates medicine) and a low sodium diet. I found out that diet food it not all that healthy. If they remove the fat they pump up the sodium. I think that in addition to the extra weight worked together to raise my blood pressure. So now in addition to all of the other things I am learning a new life style. I'm hoping to add a lot of walking to my routine again but not right now. I seem to have a very bad muscle pull in my leg and that doctor told me to not go on any walks for awhile and do nothing to agrivate it so it can start to heal.

So anyway I just want to say hello and let you all know that I have not forgotten any of you. Everyday I still pray for a cure and ask God to give you all what you need to get through each day. I may not always say it out loud but those prayers are always in my heart.Take care. Lillian

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Hi Lillian, I'm glad to see you are back. Yes exercise as soon as you are able and it will bring down the BP.

You could try using your arms by lifting 2lbs weights or cans of corn etc. This is a good work out and will help lower bp too. Start slow and then increase time gradually.

Hope this helps. Glad to have you back Lillian.


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Lillian, it's so very good to hear from you. I have missed reading your posts on the MB. Sorry to hear you have developed some health issues but am VERY HAPPY to hear that you stopped smoking. I'm sure that the blood pressure is something that your doctor will be able to get under control. Now that your lungs are "smoke-free" exercising, especially walking, should come much easier. You live in such a beautiful place and I know I would give anything to be outside walking in that area of the country. When you walk, you always see the most unusual things. I'm so glad you updated us on what's going on in your life. I'm glad you have new hobbies and are keeping busy!!!

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