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By Request.....MRI Story


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Looking back on this entire ordeal, I can now laugh but at the time, I was terrified. For most of my life, I have had a terrible fear of being in tight places. I think this all originated when I was a little girl and my mom insisted that I wear a little tee shirt as a second layer of clothing when it was cold. I can still remember her pulling those shirts over my head and me screaming my head off.

Two years ago, I fell and my knee landed directly on concrete. My doctor needed to do an MRI to determine exactly what had been done. My problem with tight places didn't even cross my mind when he set up the appointment. Dick had gone to the appointment with me and naturally, I wanted to appear big and brave. While waiting, I kept telling myself that this was no big deal and that I could handle it. I kept reminding myself of how brave Dennis was through all of the MRI's he had and kept convincing myself I could do this.

I got on the table and everything started out much better than anticipated. BUT...after about two minutes in, the power went out. The machine started this loud beeping and the technician wasn't in the room. She came rushing in, flashlight in hand, attempting to move the table. But, nothing was happening. I was screaming, as she left the room to get someone who knew how to operate the table in "manual" mode. Well, after I finally got out, I ran to the dressing room, got dressed and ran out of that office.

Next, the doctor scheduled me for an "open" MRI. I was convinced this would be much better. Dick went into the room with me for the test. Well, after a couple of minutes, I came crawling out of the machine...lol!

Then, my doctor re-scheduled me for another "open" MRI with sedation. Now..this sounded like something I could do. After arrival for the MRI, the technician explained that all he would be administering was a mild sedative, much like valium. He said I would be completely alert, but relaxed. Well, I didn't want to know what was happening and relaxed was just not enough, so I left before even trying.

Next, the doctor ordered me to have the test done at the hospital. I was completely asleep when the MRI was done and knew nothing about it!!! I was a bit embarrassed, as I was in the room with little kids that were being sedated before tests.

So...you can see that I have a fear of tight places and never plan on falling again!!!

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