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How Two Studies on Cancer Screening Led to Two Results

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Thanks Connie. I have been wondering about that since it came ourt? 2 Studies of the same thing woith 2 diifrent results does not make sense, But it does make sense now. Nowe if they could get to work on a cure for this since they can find it now, that would be great!!!!!

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Objectively, it is a puzzler.

But I look at it subjectively.

Thank God my wife, who had no symptoms, requested a CAT scan.

They found SCLC.

She is well and NED 2 years out of treatment.

Without the scan, I don't see how she could be in the same boat she's in now.

If CAT scan results are also showing "benign" lung cancers(!),

then methods will be developed to cull out these results.

Maybe it hasn't been proven objectively to be beneficial, but I'm a believer.

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The studies on Early Dx.s of Lung Cancer via CT sacns, have become so contraversial. I don't think thats the real issue here,(IMHO) :roll: but rather that it's a COST factor. It's just like the Mamogram issue many moons ago. They didn't want to do them either and the reason being was the COST factor and then they said they had NO PROOF they would save lives. :shock::? But after years of PUSHING and PUSHING and PUSHING, we now have mamograms for everyone! They are saving lives and they are used for preventative medicine.

From my findings, the fact is smiple, some doctor's agree with the CT scaning findings and some don't. So you have a 50/50 OPINION Issue! But, what do I know??? And then there's the Insurance Coverage side of this! :roll::roll::wink: And the CT Scan Issue continues. I just wish they would find SOMETHING that would detect Early Lung Cancer, be it CT scans or WHAT EVER! We can send a man to the moon!!!!! :wink:

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