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Haven't posted in awhile...update on my dad...

Guest DianeP

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He is still in the hospital!!! :evil::evil::evil:

He had his surgery on 9/23. Still there today....had some big complications unfortunately.

1. Unable to bring up own secretions, multiple bronchs and trips to ICU (but I reported that already)

2. Found out he has a mold infection in his lung(s) - still not sure what type, they think it is a mold found in Michigan dirt.

3. Was getting ready to go home this Monday, and Sunday night he started coughing up blood. Monday he was bronched, and there was a big gaping hole in the sutures. They were unable to repair it because the area was so damaged from his previous stents he had placed, so he had a right pneumectomy.

He is doing pretty good, spirits are high and low...roller coaster ride. I think he realizes how lucky he was that the cancer was caught so early, just sucks that the whole lung had to be removed (with 2 surgeries). His final staging according to the biopsy is IB, which is great! :D

Lesson learned....be as sure as you can on your staging prior to any invasive procedures for pallative care. When my dad had his stents placed they had him at IIIB, so they used metal stents which damaged the tissue so much that the lobectomy failed. The doctor's didn't actually think he would be a surgical candidate at that point. Anyway - the stents didn't even work, the tumor had grown back within that month.

Question for anyone, how will they determine if my dad will need oxygen for home, do they test sat O2 levels only at rest or during movement?

Thanks for reading, sorry I haven't posted but I've been at the hospital so much lately.

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I am so sorry to hear that your father is still in the hospital and all that he has had to go through. That seems awful that he had to have his entire lung removed due to something that seems to be the surgeons fault. Why was there a big gaping hole in the sutures?? My goodness. I wish him a speedy recovery and all the best. In your signature you mention liver mets. My dad has liver mets also. What treatment are they using for those on your father? I thought that if the cancer has metastases it is considered Stage IV.

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Diane, So glad the bad part is behind your dad now and that he can look forward to a full recovery.

My Buddy was tested always in a chair. I don't think it make much difference if any at all. He came home with oxygen but a few months later didn't need it.

I know you are flying high now and that is great. Hope the roller coaster ride is over for both of you...

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I can sure relate to a lot of what your Dad has been through recently. Hope he mends quickly and withour further complications.

They will test your Father's Oxygen saturation levels both at rest and while up and walking. I was on supplemental oxygen for about 4 months after my right lung was removed, but I was eventually able to come off of it, until just recently. I'm now having to use it part time, but it isn't the worst thing to happen in my world.

You two hang in there, and tell your Dad he's one strong hombre!

Fay A.

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Hello Diane;

Good to hear from you and even though your dad's been through the ringer, I'm happy He was operable and they were able to remove the cancer. :):) ; Also, glad his spirits are up, for me that was real important.

They took my left lung and I managed to bounce back pretty quick. I was 50 at the time and in decent shape although I used to smoke. I needed the oxygen after surgery for about a month. It was good to have it at night as your O2 level drops then. It Helped me to get rest but took some time to get used to. Also, tell him to take the pain med,'s as prescribed and keep a pillow handy to put under the right arm when he coughs. Also, helps with the pain. The healing process is a bit slow so again it's important to keep the spirits up.

Remember, others have been there, and it will get better.

God bless, be well and hang in there

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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