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Hi - Can anyone share with me their experience using Temodar as a chemo to treat brain mets? This has been suggested for my Mom because a new met has reoccurred and there is some growth elsewhere that would not be a candidate for steretactic radiosurgery.

I'd appreciate any feedback. thanks so much! Brandie

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Hi Brandie,

I don't have a whole lot of advice about Tomodor but I have heard of it. I had asked about it at one time and from what I understand it is usually used for brain cancer vs. mets to the brain but I would be really anxious to hear from others who have used it for mets. My mom has already had WBR and had a met pop up that she had surgically removed. I would like to think that the Tomodor would still be an option for her if there are any more problems up there. Mom's surgeon did make it sound like she would still be able to have stereostatic radiation though at this point. Good luck.

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