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Hazardous to Your Heart

Connie B

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Well it's no shock to me that cancer drugs are hazardous to our hearts. :roll: In Cure Magazine that just came out, there is a wonderful article on:

Hazardous to Your Heart: Protecting the heart from toxic side effects of cancer threapy.

It's really a good article. I haven't looked yet but it may even be online under www.curetoday.com

Just wanted to share this with everyone.

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Just got home from work and found the "Cure" magazine, will read it this evening. I don't dought it though, traditional chemo is toxic not only to cancer but to all body cells, so they walk a fine line giving to us. They give enough to hopefully kill the cancer cells and not too many normal cells.

Donna G

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Read the magazine and of course one on the chemo's they mention causing these problems was Cisplatin, which I had 2 rounds of ( one before surgery and one after) I already know I have neuropathy from it but I also am alive nearly 10 yrs later!Donna G

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