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Getting to Know You - April 13


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I've had so many in my life but one in particular still stand's out.Now let me tell you first off i was wild and crazy and mean in my younger day's and what i'm about to tell is absolute truth and why to this day i still distrust the law espeacially judges and lawyer's.

So here goes, for week's i kept having this dream and in this dream i kept walking up and down a row of bar's. It was so vivid that driving by court houses where they had jail's in them just gave me a eery feeling. A friend of mine and i double dated one saturday night and all the gas station's were closed and my friend worked for this company that had fuel pump's.My friend said he was going in to where you turn the pump's on and put 5 gallon's of gas in his car and leave them a note telling them it was him that did it and how much.

Well i never left the car and staid in the back seat with my date. The gas total was at that time he took was $1.25 and swore up and down he left a note.Well the following monday i was arrested at work and placed in handcuff's and taken to city court where i was quickly standing in front of the Judge and told i was charged with stealing $1.25 worth of gasoline and he did not like the way i wore my hair. I pleaded not guilty and even offered to pay all cost but ended up with 60 day's in Jail. My friend got 90 day's.And just like in my dream i kept walking up down a row of bar's. By the way this all happened in a small town and my friend and i were not from that town. But one good thing happened in that i first saw who was to become my future wife come there to get her driver's license with her dad.

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I have had many premonitions over my lifetime. The one that stands out right now involves an older couple my wife was helping. The man had suffered several strokes and was not expected to live. Lucie was trying to help the woman make arrangements for the funeral in Jackson, Miss. The man went into Hospice on a Thursday and the same day, I saw a bargain list for an airline on the web. In the list was a cheap rate roundtrip to Jackson, Miss. I had an eerie feeling and told Lucie that I felt the man would die on Friday. He died Friday, and Lucie and his wife were able to get a decent fare to Jackson and back for the funeral. Don

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