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Signs from above.....


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I know there have been other posts about signs from above. My grandmother "Mama Bessie" (mom's mom) passed away at age 82 from Ovarian cancer. We were very very close.

When my mom got diagnosed, we drove home from the doctor in a huge storm. My mom said it was Mama Bessie and Mama Gussie (my other grandma) crying from above.

We are naming our to-be-soon baby girl Elizabeth, from which the name Bessie is a derivative.

My mom and I were looking on line for a wall picture for Elizabeth's side as we found one for Jacob already.

I happened to choose a website that is similar to our Val's last name :) After going through lots and lots I came across a butterfly. We believe butterflies mean health. It was an adorable picture. I opened it up. It is called "BESS THE BUTTERFULY"!!!!! Even though it was over $100, my mom immediately bought it so Bess can watch over the babies. What a sign!

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Such a sweet little story. Amazingly enough my great grandmother's name was Bessie (short for Elizabeth) also. We were also very close although she passed when I was just a little girl.

Through mentioning your grandmother, so many beautiful memories of mine came flooding back. Thank you!!!

God Bless Bessie's and butterflies!!


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