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nodule watcher question


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First I recently went for a CT and want to say I am 3 years with STABLE :lol: nodules. I thank God for that. My husband has also recently found out he has nodules. On his second ct they found he has BLEBS. I had never heard of these but it seems they are some kind of blister from what I've found on the net. Does anyone have any personal experience with this term? Thanks in advance for your help.

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My sister was told she has blebs as well. They told her this about 13/14 years ago. The only thing I remember about that is, the doctor told her that sometimes blebs turn into cancer. That's all I know. I have never really researched it. My sister is doing fine today and has never had any problems with her blebs. She does get bronchitis a lot and they said that could be the reason why she does.

That's all I know about blebs.

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