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getting ready for Relay For Life.


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today I was doing some letter writing for fundraising for my Relay and as I was telling my families story about our fight with lung cancer all the feelings came rushing back. I cant believe that I will be walking in memory of my mom and not walking with her. Sometimes it just shocks the hell out of me that I am at a point in my life where I dont have my mother. I look back on the past months and think " how could this have happened?" this is not how it should be. It makes me more determined I think to try to help others who find themselves in this state of disbelief and to try to stop some of the pain that intrudes on a family when there is cancer. I am hoping to get to a point when I can talk about my mom without busting out crying and then I will be ready to do some work with cancer patients. Please send prayers for strength to help me make it thru all the times I will have to retell the story of my battle with the beast. (also, I know we should not pray for money, but it is for a good cause so any help with that will be great.)

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