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Teri and Bill...


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Hey guys. I have been thinking of you, as I know others are too. I was thinking of how Bill thought my dad in the picture was my husband! :lol:

How are you two doing? Teri, I faithfully read all your postings...I hope you are now filled with hope. I miss Bill's postings here though...he is such a great writer! Maybe you need to harass him into coming online to provide us with some excellent prose!

Blessings to you two,


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Thanks Jen. That's really sweet and thoughtful. I haven't been on here quite as often in recent days, but I did just post an update in sclc. In addition to doctor stuff and thinking of ways to fatten up Bill, my work is keeping me in over-drive at the moment!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. It means a lot. :) I'm definitely praying for everyone on here too.

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