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Another frustrating chapter in the cancer story


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Bill had a port check xray yesterday. His second port has not worked since it was put in back in February. He has had a 20 minute infusion that would take up to over an hour because the chemo team would struggle to get the port to work.

The Radiologist said, at least 5 times, that the TPA (clot buster) would not work, but he wanted to try it anyway. Bill wanted to get it checked so he could get it replaced again and give it a little while to heal before he started his new chemo on the 23rd. The Radiologist said to come back in on Thursday to get a recheck and then if it didn't work, the surgery could be scheduled.

One of the problems Bill has (and so do I) is that when you go to the hospital for tests or whatever, the staff sometimes forgets that you are actually a living, breathing human being with concerns and feelings. Life just goes on around you with "last nights gossip" or "personal phone calls" or whatever, instead of the techs/Drs actually paying 100% to the patient. UGH!!! I could just scream when I hear that he just lays there, waiting for everybody to get their personal business done first. It is just plain inconsideration and it stinks.

So anyway, enough of that. Just had to yell at somebody. Meanwhile, we go back to that setting Thursday for another Xray most likely to be told, it didn't work and he has to have the port replaced later rather than sooner.

I'll let you know in the next chapter of our cancer story.

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I'm sorry his port isn't working properly. Harry's never has either. It's been more trouble then it's worth.I hope they can get him fixed up before the next chemo session.

I had one nurse ask me if they had used a pediatric port instead of an adult sized one in Harry...? (Like "I" would know??)

I also agree about the fact that I wish the Tech's would be a little more compassionate about their surroundings.

The first time Harry got chemo, I knew nothing at all about it, and thought he would get sick instantly, so I was scared to death. They were all in the Nurse's station, cracking jokes, eating their lunches, etc....I guess they're just human, but still.... :cry:

Please know that I think of you and your husband every day, and say a prayer for you, for healing and comfort.....Lord knows we ALL need some of that!



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Sorry about the whole port situation -- hope things work out okay.

I know how frustrating it can be to lie in a hospital bed waiting for something to happen. Tony spent almost nine hours hanging out in a chair or a bed when he had his port installed. We understood that the surgeon had an emergency, but it was still frustrating as hell. I kept peeking out from the curtain to see if we had been forgotten. Finally I took an orange "STAT" sticker and put in on Tony's chest so they would get the hint. :wink:



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I LOVE your sense of humor. Thanks for the good hint.

Bill had his port rechecked today and it works, good blood return. The Dr said, "hope it still works next week." Sounds like he has a lot of confidence, huh?

Oh well, next week will tell the tale. New chemo starts on the 23rd.

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