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Port Check . . . . TPA Successful


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Bill went for the followup port check yesterday. The Dr that said the TPA would not work was very surprised that it worked just fine and he got a good blood return. Thank you to you all for your good thoughts and prayers. God is good. I know he's actually the one who fixed it.

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Those PORTS!!!!

I have had mine in since 2/2001 and there have been times when it would not draw back blood, but flushed fine. They xrayed it a few times and it was in place. For more than a few yrs I had it flushed without getting a blood return. Thank goodness it was the same nurse so knew my history.

Then all of the sudden about 6 mos ago there it was Blood! Who would of guessed.

I keep going every month to have it flushed and so far so good.


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