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coworkers story....a sign from her Mom


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I have already shared what I know to be a "sign" from my Mom. I was telling a coworker here and she asked if she had shared with me the story of the shaw and her sign from her Mom.

When she told me this story I had goosebumps. I just know that our loved ones are still here with us.

First, (the important part) her nickname growing up was Mcgillicudy.

Rox was telling me that after her Mom passed away she was going through her things with a friend. She told me her Mom loved to crochet lap sized afghans for people at nursing homes. When she was cleaning out her Moms bedroom she found a bag in her closet that had a shaw in it. Inside the bag was a note with only the word "shaw". Rox couldn't understand why her Mom would have had it in the closet. It wasn't something that her Mom would have worn.

A few days later she received a call from a woman. The woman had received the number from the nursing home. She was calling about a shaw. Here is the amazing part. The woman's name.........Mrs. Mcgillicudy. Coincidence......hmmm :D

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