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Cigarette tax in Tennessee


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A $.42 cigaratte tax has just been approved. I have read that most of the money generated through this tax will be helping fund public education. I think that is a beautiful idea but WHY can't some of it go to lung cancer research? After all, wouldn't smokers be a little more content about spending that money if they knew it was going toward something like this?

How do we, as citizens, express this to the government? Who dictates where the money goes and can that be changed?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe you hve some insight on the matter. You are such a go-getter. What can we do?

Thanks and God Bless!!


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I sent an e-mail to every member of the TN House and Senate expressing my disaproval of what the procedes will be used for. I am all for education but I feel if you are going to tax tobbaco, then use the procedes for something related to tobbaco. The Governor has not replied to my mail (and I didn't think he would).

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I hate to be the bearer of bad new's but any time Goverment take's from you it is seldom used as promosed.Here in Kansas the lottery year's ago was suppose to be used for School yard equipment but as usual whether Republican or Democrat once they get the money it goes to what ever buddies project they promised to help.But one last comment and that is why are smoker's alway's the scape goat, why not start adding more taxe's on drink's at the bar or why not more on gasoline or hamburger meat as there all suppose to be so bad for us also. Who do we go after if every one quit smoking?? Remember the message from Nazi Germany first they came for the mentally ill and so forth and then they came for me.......Oh by the way i'm a X smoker but do not like seeing one group of people singled out from the rest....

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Write your reps, write the state and local papers.

We have to try.

It's a tough road, and in the end you may not win. But know you did what you can.

Politics, awareness, time and resouces ($$$). It's what all of us need to commit in some amount to beat LC.

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