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Getting Tarceva Paid For


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I know that many of you have had difficulties in the past getting Tarceva paid for and I'm in the process of researching , but has anyone had this scenerio.

Tarceva being prescribed as 1st line adjunct chemo as follow up to wedge section surgery ... advanced (2small tumors same area) NSCLC Mom (78yrs old) has Medicare A&B plus supplimental insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. It seems Medicare will not pay anything and the insurance only wants to pay half which leaves a balance of about $1,600 a month they want Mom to pay. That's impossible. She and Dad are only on social security, no other income. The cancer center is trying to get it worked out , but I don't understand it . If chemo in house by infusion , costing about 3 times that much would be paid for , why not Tarceva at about a 3rd the price?

Any experience or suggestions on this matter would be very much appreciated.



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