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Returning newbie alert: :D

I had a Drs appointment yesterday to get the results of a PET scan that was done to confirm or deny what looked like a mets to my ribs. The good news is that there was nothing showing at all in my ribs, so who knows what it was that was showing on the bone scan.

There was a bit of a spot where my tumor originally was, but the Doc still thinks its just from scarring & the high doses of radiation.

Its not all free and clear though. A good sized hot spot was found in my left lower abdomen so I'm waiting now for the nurse to call & tell me when I'm having a pelvic CT Scan, Doc wants it this week.

He suggested it might be a stricture in my ureter causing urine to pool on its way to the bladder. I'm not trying to take the dim view but honestly, a ureter is pretty small, if mine was as stretched out as big as what was showing on that PET Scan I'd think I'd be damn uncomfortable if not in down right pain.

Since nothing showed in the pelvic area on the bone scan, this mass is in or on soft tissue. We could be looking at someone in or on my ovary. My tubes are tied so as far as I care they can take the whole shebang out. I just hope this CT gives us something solid as since the end of September I've been riding this testing/results rollercoaster.

So thats my newbie update I now return you to your regularly scheduled messboard board.

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Hi! Well, I have to say that so far, it doesn't sound so bad. I don't want to slight ovarian cancer, it's pretty darn deadly, but I have a good friend who survived I think it was Stage IV ovarian cancer, and if this is, they will have caught it pretty darn early for you. But you never know about the urether thing, I'd vote for that to be the problem.

Dave was supposed to have a PET Scan today but something was amiss with the machine. He's gone back in to the doc's office for a shot of procrit and I guess the nurse will tell him when they'll try again.

You two are on the same schedule, and I am still laughing from your last post when you corrected me on the age thing (when you said you and Dave are not the same age since he's already 39 and you're 38!). I'm 44 years old so 39 seems still young to me.

Please keep us posted. I enjoy your sense of humor! And best of luck on the CT scans.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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I know this probably sounds vain or vapid or some other thing but I think I'm more worried about going back into treatment & losing my hair just when its starting to come back rather nicely.

I'm not putting much if any hope in the ureter thing because of the lack of pain butI agree that its likely that we may have caught it early if it is ovarian. I'm hoping for the best but planning on the worst, that way it won't take as much wind out of my sails.

On the age thing.. every day counts when your heading towards 40 :P

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Hello OhioKat,

Sounds like you and my hubby are having the same problem. They did a Abd/pelvis ct the other day and we will have the results on Tues. His bone scan to the ribs came out clean back in Sept too.

Just paint a smiley on the back of your head and go for it. Bald is beautiful.

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Monday was the CT of my abdomen & pelvis, it went ok I guess as far as tests can go, of course I won't know anything until Friday. I just hope its something definet one way or the other, this not knowing, all this testing is really wearing me down.

Thanks for everyone's support though :D

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