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Mom has had her MRI to confrim PET results. Unfortuanetly, the cancer has spread. Bone mets.

Her Dr. wants her to do a clinical trial. (Drug: Erlotinib HCl (OSI-774)

Drug: Bevacizumab)

It's a phase IIIb trial. I don't know anything other than that. I have tried calling her but she won't answer her phone or return my calls. I hope she comes around. I live in MN and she is in GA. I visited her this past weekend and we had a good time. We laughed and cried and she made bad, morbid jokes. I thought she would be okay, but now she isn't talking to me. My Dad says she is just to upset and that she will come around. I hope so.

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I'm sorry to hear about your mom's news. I know with my hubby, he didn't really like to talk to the kids right after receiving bad news. He didn't want any of his emotion to come over to them on the phone, because of the distance. It was a protection of them and of him I suppose.

Perhaps that's what your mom is going through right now. Maybe she just needs to come to terms with the news, then get back in her fighting spirit before she talks with you. I would take it as a sign of her love for you, and nothing negative.

I think there are plenty of people here who have had successful treatment of bone mets. Stay strong and keep you hopes high.

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Welcome Preciouslife,

I am sorry to hear about your moms cancer and progression.

When I was told I had some progression, I wasn't in the mood to talk about it for a little while. I was in shock and not ready to admit it to myself, nontheless anyone else.

I would suggest patience and lots of loving gestures to your mom right now. She will come around. Until she does she will know how much she means to you.

All my best to you,


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I know that she loves me, I also know that for whatever reason shee gets more upset when she speaks to me than to my older sister. My sis lives only a few hours away so my Mom sees her more. I have decided to write her, that way she can read the letters of encouragement and either write back or call, whichever she prefers. Thank you for your responses, it helps to hear them.


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Hi PreciousLife--

When my dad was diagnosed with brain mets just a short time after we had received the lung cancer diagnosis...well, it was just so overwhelming for all of us. My dad is still not in a place where we can talk to him about feelings--but we can at least talk to him about physical symptoms.

Support your dad--he probably needs your help as much as your mom does. Your mom will come around--this is a lot to process in a very short time.

My thoughts are with you and your family.


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Welcome! Your mom may not be ready to talk about her fears yet. I think you go into shock when you hear the news and then to learn about the mets, just adds on. She'll come around in her own time, just let her know that you are ready when she is, but don't force her.

Glad you found us,


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