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I wondered if anyone has any knowledge or thoughts regarding the Macrobiotic diet/lifestyle? I am always reading up on nutrition, and I want to learn more about Macrobiotics. I read a really incredible article about a nurse from my area that adopted this lifestyle, and she is now a Macrobiotics counselor. She lives right around me, so I may give her a call or meet with her.

I know it is healthy to exercise a certain amount of skepticism when reading about alternative treatments. I am just interested in learning more.

Anyone have any information, advice, thoughts, reccomendations, etc?

Thank you,


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There may also be info in the alternative treatment Forum Nicole. That forum is older than the newly created Nutrtion Forum. Can not offer anything Personally though, But I think 1 or 2 members have or are trying this Program. Just a Thought for Now. God Luck

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The only thing I can add is people were using the macrobiotic diet back when my Mom had cancer in the early-mid 1980's. I'd think that if it produced any earth-shattering results for cancer patients, we'd know that by now.

Good luck!


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