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Hi Everyone!

I am new to this site as of today and was on another page.

My dad Don who is 71 years young was diagnosed with stage IIIB sclc this last May and underwent surgery after a PET scan showed a tomor about 2cm.

He then had seven weeks of chemo and radiation every day for seven weeks.

His treatments have been done now for over two and a half months and he is still quite tired, depressed and losing weight.

Tomorrow morning he will be having another PET scan to see if there are any more cells or tumors that have enlarged or spread.

He plans to go on IRESSA after that and is adiment about NOT having any more chemo or radiation.

Does anyone know how soon you are supposed to start follow up treatments after completion? As I said it's been over two and a half months, and I'm concerned that his Oncologist has waited too long.

By the way... has anyone ALSO had a bad or unpleasant experience with their Oncologist? My dad will meet with a new one on Monday as his current dr is a real jerk!

Thank you for letting me join this chat room and for all of the great info I am getting for my dad. My mom, sisters and I have been quite concerned and confused for the last five months!

God bless everyone!!


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Your dad may need anti depressants, because I was depressed as all get out for 15 months after surgery, and I was taking antidepressants... I shudder to think of how bad it might have been had I tried to tough it out.

I had 7 weeks off after chemo/rad and before surgery, then a month after surgery before chemo again.

Depends on what the oncologist says. Find one you can work with.

Prayers are with you,



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