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  1. I too have trouble sleeping. I have to sleep sitting up. I have enough post nasal drip that either I'm coughing all night or else my already narrowed airway is further narrowed by mucus, so I don't get much air. It never ends, does it? At least sitting up I am not putting pressure on the surgical site where the rib nubs protrude. Stay strong and stay well. XOXO MaryAnn
  2. Happy Holidays to you too, bucky! And everyone else. XOXOX MaryAnn
  3. Hey! Sorry to be awol. Just trying to keep body and soul together. Taking on that little dog (a rescue) and dealing with one 13 year old daughter and one almost 20 in college with no $$ sense.... I'm hanging in there. Feeling older all the time. But I'm still here and more or less functioning, holding down a full time job. Then go home and fall asleep watching the early news!! Don't sleep real well; have had for years seems like a chronic sinus thing, so I can't sleep flat. I sleep in the recliner, so I don't cough all night. Radiation -- gotta love it. Keeps giving and giving.... I think too of the many friends we've lost along the way, especially at this time of year, and those who are newly diagnosed -- one fellow in the office, his mom was diagnosed with non small cell adeno, and my good friend who's retired and just working part time, her hubby had oral cancer -- he smoked a pipe most of his life. I just don't feel as if I have anything to say anymore. I'm eight years and change out-- and feeling every mile. Still I'm grateful to be here, seeing my girls grow. I'm fortunate enough to have both parents still alive, Dad will be 88 and mom 85. They're slowing down too. I just hope I can hang onto my new normal health another 15 years so I can retire. I think that's a long time, but I've already been here six; low stress = federal, tenured. Kids are healthy, dog is good, folks are good. So I shouldn't complain. I just am getting old. Don, sorry to hear all is not well - still, you've seen those beautiful grandchildren, and had the extra 5 years. That's a gift. I just hope I can get the youngest launched, and then they'll have each other. Enjoy your thanksgiving, all, and Connie, consider me checked in. XOXOX MaryAnn
  4. Try Dr. David Schrump at NIH. He did my surgery, and Kasey's , and has been very generous about second opinions. He was voted the best in the area over Hopkins and the DC hosp. (Gtown, GW, etc) for thoracic surgery. He works with Dr. Steve Rosenberg at National Cancer Institute. His Research nurse is Tricia Kunst, or Anna (?), and they move quickly to set up an appt or arrange to see your scans. I'll pm you his phone and his nurse's phone. Good luck! XOXOXOX MaryAnn
  5. Way to go , Katie... You and Rick have just leaned into it and gotten it done, because you care. You've more than earned an award. You've earned the love and respect of all of us over the years. We appreciate that you will be publicly honored. It certainly is well deserved, and it wasn't always easy. But you did it. Thank you. XOXOOXOXOXOX MaryAnn
  6. Wahoooooooo! Nonni! Way to go. !!!! Almost down to yearlys.... MaryAnn
  7. Congratulations, Joe. You have a beautiful family. I like to think that He has a plan for me, and so is keeping me around. He just doesn't want to tell me about it! I'm okay with that. Many more, Joe... MaryAnn
  8. Well, I made it another year. Scary, with what they're telling me now. Yes, I've paid a physical price with this "new normal", but I'm here in fact. That says it all. Thank you all for your kindnesses, and your forgiveness for my more recent neglect of everybody here -- I have to use computer at work, and we all know how that goes. Meanwhile, I understand they've improved on the technique used in my surgery, so the next guy won't be shrinking and have to lose the collarbone. That seems to be working out well. I am counting my blessings that I have a job -- too many friends been RIF'd this last six months -- and protection from losing that and my health insurance. My kids are still healthy, growing, parents still alive -- I won't complain. I feel as though I'm aging twice as fast as anyone else my age or maybe that s just what happens when you become eligible for AARP. Blessings to all of you. And never stop believing in hope. XOXOXOXOXOXOX MaryAnn
  9. I was diagnosed 8 years ago. They pulled a 13 lb tumor , mostly dead, out of my chest. Chemo, radiation. I'm still here. Although if I were told I was going to die, I might just have turned to the wall and done that! Nobody, but nobody on this earth knows when your time is up. Attitude is everything. Don't give up on your dad just yet. MaryAnn
  10. Wishing you the best for another fifty!!! Free of Monsters under the bed, bats in your attic, Ber trucks at the top of your hill..... With my kids one had foxes under the bed, the other had dinosaurs in the kitchen. BE WELL!! DAMMIT! XOXOXOXOXOXOX MaryAnn
  11. Thank you for the update. Katie, you're a gem for flying up there. Prayers for our Connie to have a quick and uneventful recovery. XOXOXOX MaryAnn
  12. and I am still here... almost 8 years from diagnosis. Hang in there. Something to be said for cautious optimism.!! XOXOX MaryAnn
  13. Oh, Ry! I am so very sorry to hear... Prayers go out to you and the children. XOXOXOOXX MaryAnn
  14. Someone posted this week ( don't remember who to save my life) whose mother was vomiting constantly, and the dr. told her to try taking off the patches (I am assuming fentanyl) and the vomiting stopped. Alternative medication was required. Take care, XOXOX MaryAnn
  15. If the lesions are so small, I would think perhaps they could do a wedge resection and just nip that bit out, which means you would lose minimal lung tissue. There may be other routes the surgeon is considering that I know nothing about. People in otherwise good health can lose one lung and function very well; studies show that healing is such that loss of an entire lung stimulates cytokines and growth factors such that one has better breathing after loss of the entire lung than loss of half of one lung. In any case, if there is severe lung loss, the surgeon and pulmonist will most likely order pulmonary function tests to ensure that you have enough lung left to breathe effectively. Good luck, and keep us posted. XOXOX MaryAnn
  16. Welcome, Carolyn, I'm glad you have found us. You will be glad to meet people here dealing with similar problems, and who can help you ask the right questions. XOXOXOX MaryAnn
  17. Good grief, Christy, I would've been blown away. I am so very happy that everything turned out okay. What a scare, eh? I remember my primary care physician trying to convince himself that my exrays showed what was probably an infection of some sort, he felt so bad! I could almost see him grapsing at straws.... poor guy, he needed a hug just as badly as I did. He's "adopted " me, and is still with me. Very different from the pulmonist at the hospital. I hope HE learned from this, what a few words can do to someone's world.... I echo Kasey's attaboy! to hubby for losing the smokes. Definitely a difficult thing to do. XOXOXOX MaryAnn
  18. Sounds like a plan, Trish. Keep us posted. XOXOX MaryAnn
  19. Hi Jussi, and welcome. The chem you'll be on +/- Nexavar is pretty tough o n cancer. I had cisplatin with etoposide simultaneously with radiation for my NSCLC - pancoast tumor, and the combination was effective. Good luck with your chemo, it sounds like the oncologist has a nice chemotherapy suite. My oncologist did also, there were recliner chairs that were very comfortable. Keep us posted. XOXOX MaryAnn
  20. Hello Fabian , and welcome. Your mom sounds wonderful! Prayers for successful treatment. XOXOX MaryAnn
  21. Welcome Celie and Joe, I'm glad you found us. Your attitude is awesome. Prayers going to all of you... XOXOX MaryAnn
  22. Welcome, Kaja. I hope your treatment goes well. I had 5 weeks of radiation and two cycles of chemo - cisplatin and VP16 -- that killed my large (14 cm x 9 cm x 6? cm) stage 3 pancoast tumor of the upper left lung. Later I had a lobectomy and resection. That was 7 years ago. Good luck. XOXOXOX MaryAnn
  23. Chelsea, I'm glad you found us again, Prayers for your mom's treatment, and for the whole family. This must be very difficult for you all. XOXOX MaryAnn
  24. Jamie, That was AWESOME!! Well done!! You've done us proud! Thank you Katie B for the link. Slowly the word is getting out. Heather's feature, now Jamie's.... Again, well done and congratulations!!! XOXOXOX MaryAnn
  25. Hi Connie, Cisplatin and etoposide in combination with radiation killed my tumor in situ -- I had a pancoast tumor, a rare type of nsclc. Very effective therapy for my tumor type. Your mom's response to the initial round was excellent, to see that much reduction so soon. That should be encouraging. Please accept what your mom wants to do; if you add any immunotherapy please make sure your oncologist knows what it is exactly and how much/often she is taking it. It could otherwise cause actual harm to her in combination with her oncologist's treatment plan. I personally would be skeptical about a parenteral that had completely escaped FDA licensing process -- it could have floor sweepings in it for all you know. I wish only the best for your mom in her fight. I hope the next rounds continue to be as effective as the first. Your mom and your family are in my prayers. This must be hard on all of you. XOXOXOX MaryAnn
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