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Update on my sister Diana


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I just talked to my sister Diana this evening. She didn’t have a good week this week. She got her radiation, but her white blood cells must be low as she developed a 101 temp. That scares me! :( I usually call Diana every Saturday evening at 8 pm EST and told her I would definitely do that this coming Saturday. She asked me NOT to as she and David were going out to dinner to celebrate the END OF HER RECEIVING HER RADIATION AND CHEMO!!! :D At the end of August, the MD will take a CT to check on the tumor. IF the tumor is still present (the MD is hoping it isn’t), he will send her scans to Seattle (I think she said there is some well known cancer clinic out there) to have them read her scans to see if she is a candidate for surgery. I told her IF she needs the surgery, I will definitely travel out to her as she is NOT going to go through ANY surgery without me there, I don’t care what she says! Us BIG sisters can be tough!!! LOL

Is getting a fever normal? She has gotten them before and she is right, it usually when her wbc are low. She does have the "sunburn" spot on her back where they are radiating her. She got radiation on her lymph nodes from June 11 to this past Tuesday and then on Wed they started radiating the tumor and will continue to do so until the last day of July.

She told me her hair is starting to grow back. But her nails are not growing as fast. They lowered her Taxol to 50%, so maybe after August 1st they will get better.

Think that is all. Thanks for being so supportive.

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sometimes a fever is a sign of an infection and with low White blood cells THAT IS A BAD THING!!!. White Blood cells fight infections and with tehm being compromised she is at serious risk of the possibility of something as minor as catching a cold and iot becoming very serious. IF the White Blood cells continue to stay low in numbers, ask the Onc about NEULASTA to bring the numbers back up. Red blood cells can be repplenished with aranesp or Procrit. Those are the energy ones.

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Diana is going to ask for the Neupagin injection when she goes in on Monday. She has had to ask for this in the past. Her last injection of Neupagin was in April. Her RBC is good she said, and there is no need for platlets at this point. I will keep you guys posted! Suzy

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Glad to hear the radiation is done. Another milestone checked off! Sorry about the low counts and fevers. Fevers can mean a lot of things -- some bad and some good. Tony routinely gets fevers from the chemo treatment. The nurses say that it could be a chemo reaction or tumor fevers. Tumor fevers can be good or bad -- may be shrinking or growing. There is nothing that doesn't seem to have "two sides" in this disease. :roll: (We like to think the fevers are a good thing for Tony -- we picture the tumors exploding.)

Take care and thanks for the update.

Always warm regards,


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