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Now this is weird


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the doctor was going to do weekly chemo with taxotere and cissplatin but today he changed his mind and is doing every 21 days with taxol and coriplatin,I think that is the name of the drug,I probably spelled it wrong. Has anyone had these drugs,I guess I should expect the normal fatigue and so forth.

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Hi Robin,

The doc probably changed up the meds to taxol/carboplatin so it would be a little different then what you received before. They are in the same family, but are just a little bit different. You'll do fine on these two. Taxol seems to be a little easier on the system than taxotere. My husband did eight 21-day cycles of your new regimen. He felt down for a few days each cycle, but never needed blood enhancers and wasn't nauseated. It is harder to get the full dose every 21 days then the weekly regimen, but you won't spend as much time at the office getting infusions this way!

Good luck on this new plan and let us know how you are doing.


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Carboplatin and taxol is the most commonly used combination used for advanced NSCLC, with almost all US-based oncologists having lots of experience with the regimen. It's often also very well-tolerated. You can read some people's perspective on the combination here:


I hope that helps. Good luck with it.

-Dr. West

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