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Chemo and Rad done, tumor smaller, no spread, what now?


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Hi -

Mom was diagnosed in March as limited stage SCLC. She's had 6 rounds of carboplatin/VP16 and 3 weeks of twice-a-day chest radiation.

Her CT scan this week showed further reduction of the cancer in her lung and mediastinum, but it is still there. It was explained to her that the radiation was done to contain the cancer, and that radiation doesn't necessarily eliminate it altogether.

Her doctor says (and I had read) that the protocol is to give 6 rounds of chemo; more than 6 rounds has not been shown to have any benefit. The current plan is to do nothing except give her another CT scan in 3 months to see what's happening. Possible PCI in a few weeks, but they want her to recover from the chest radiation (she's pretty spent).

The doctor told her that in > 50% of the SCLC cases, the cancer will move elsewhere within a year of diagnosis.

Doctor was happy with the scan, however.

My question is:

If she still has the cancer (which she does) but it is not being treated at all, could it remain localized indefinitely and not move elsewhere? I mean, can a person say that their SCLC is "in remission"? Seems to me that if it's still there it's going to spread, just a question of when.

(I wasn't at the appt. with her because I live 2000 miles away, and would have asked this question if I'd been there.)

Keeping all in this forum in my thoughts and prayers,


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Hi. My Dad also has SCLC. He went through all the radiation and chemo as he was limited stage. He then went through the PCI. I am not a dr., but since she has gone through all that, I would focus now on the PCI. It never hurts to get a second opinion though, which we did with my Dad. It gives you piece of mind and helps to know that you are making the right decisions. Everyone is different with this, some people stay in remission, some get it back. I hope and pray for your mom that it stays in remission!

I know what you are going through. Have hope! Ask tons of questions with the Dr. No question is stupid.

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Hey, cheers for your mom! First off that is great news! My dad has been in remission now for over a year. The mass is just a mass there, that doesn't have cancer in it...does that make sense. I always had the sense that the treatments were still working, even after the case.

We were told that only those who could see a real cure would be offered PCI...of course that may have changed, but I do believe that it is a good sign!

Stay strong and stay on top of it. There are some here who have had a recurrence, but gotten it too!



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My Radiation and Chemo Onc's always seemed to be fighting like the Odd Couple during the early part of my treatment. The Chemo guy figured he was prime and the Radiation Onc knew that she was. They both had my interest at heart and were each pushing their own strategy. I did the full rounds of Chemo, Radiation and PCI and things were pretty darn good for four years. I guess I always had some residual junk in there also that I don't remember even being told about. But that's no matter, I'm back into the breach right now but still have the utmost faith in my Chemo Onc and his staff who have now taken over again.

I miss the Radiator too as she's moved up to Billings but I still check on her as we became friends through all this.

So, what's next for you folks? I don't know. I just know that between the continuous prayers of my friends and family, the Grace of God, my Oncologists, Medical Science and the support of all the angels who hang out here I'm still in the game.

Down the line I would hope and expect you and Mom will be also.


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Hi Karen, Jen and John -

Thanks for your quick replies. Your information is really helpful to me and my family. Seems like as good as I think I am at finding info on the internet, I just can't seem to find a case study exactly like my mother's. :-)

Y'all have a great day and a great weekend.

Linda C.

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Your mom has completed the same treatments that I did 4 1/2yrs ago. I would suggest that 90-120 days from last chemo she start another chemo called Topoteacan. It has a way of cleaning up SCLC. I dont believe in PCI or WBR if nothing is showing up on the MRI. I did have a brain tumor but was treated by Gamma Knife.

God Bless


PS: I had extensive SCLC with superior vena cave syn.

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