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Gratitude - September 5th 2007


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Right date today.

Still stiff from yesterday,

no viagra needed.

Woke up in a fighting mood,

and grateful for it.

Used to get those when Mike was

sick and needed new treatments.

We had to fight the Health system

in Canada and I learned well.

Will need my fighting mood for my visit

to the car dealer.....car has only

18,000 miles on (30,000 kilometers)

and they are talking about changing

the emission control system.......

lots of $$$$$$$$

just one month after the warranty


When Mike died I sold the other car

and kept this one that we bought when

I was paralized in 2001 and it has

a lot of good memories for me.

First I'm not paralized anymore only

stiff (like today) and this is the

car we used for our fun, the other

one was for the treatments.

The fighting mood is on the weather

is nice and here I go again.

Grateful for a fighting mood and a

nice day.

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