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kidney stones any conncection???


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Hi This is Dana,

My dad is awaiting a second surgery for his lower right lobe and the other night was taken to the emergency for what turned out to be kidney stones. Of course I am in total panic b/c I am not sure if that is a sign of something or what? The Doctors said that it was common of cancer patients and that they did not find anything new that to indicate that it was spreading, BUT they did find a cyst in his testicle. They were sure that it was not cancer. I don't know what to believe so I am curious if anyone else has had experience with kidney stones after being diagnosed. Thanks for any advice, and Happy Halloween to everyone!!!!


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Dana---Because most of us do not usually get scanned, I think all sorts of things show up that we would never know are there until they bothered us------I have a kidney cyst---and probably had for years , I also seem to have a gallstone and some sort of weird soft tissue growth outside of my gall bladder---that does absolutely nothing--does not grow and none of my Drs. seem to be worried about it

maybe it is common in cancer patients because they are the ones most likely scanned? I am sure other people have attacks and they do not have lung cancer. Also many people probably have kidney stones and do not have attacks---

Hope everything works out for your Dad


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Hi Dana;

Good to hear from ya again, gotta say I never heard of a link between lung cancer and kidney stones.:roll::roll:

May be more of a link with all that ice cream he's been eaten to fatten himself up :):) , just kidden of course. Ice creams gooood!!

However, Eileen's got a good point. They do alot of checking and scanning with us and there bound to find things. They found cysts on my liver , just calcified deposits but with cancer everythings a scare.

my best to your dad, keep us updated on the surgery

God bless

Bobmc- NSCLC- stage IIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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