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CHAT ROOM/sorry I couldn't respond, donna


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Ok, I am a moron. I went to the chat room and was greeted by donna g, I went to respond by typing and NOTHING HAPPENED. I felt so bad, I felt like I gave a snub on the thing. I kept trying to figure out how it works and how to post on it, (and the whole time I'm , like, talking to the screen saying "Donna, I'm trying to respond, I dont know what I'm doing. I'm so sorry, I AM NOT SNUBBING, it isn't a snub, I don't know how this #%$@!*#% thing works!"). Could someone please explain how this works so that I don't end up unintentionally snubbing someone again?! I feel so badly. Donna, if you get this message, please know that I TRIED to respond to your kind greeting, but I am a dumb a**. :oops: Please help me out here. Thanks. Take care, Deb

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:?: don't feel bad! I somehow got the typeing line that finally turned up at the bottom of the screen twice and I still don't know how I did it. Wish I could tell you . I told Dave I had problems getting on . People kept coming in the room and leaving without saying anything I figured they were having the same problem as I did . Once you have the place to type it is easy and fun. We will keep trying. Donna
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